The Mission to Mexico

Gig Harbor, Washington, USA  ----------------------    to    ---------------------->   Ayutla, Jalisco, Mexico
This is a charity project that I am involved in, with the purpose of assisting our neighbors who live
south of the border. It started with the initial goal of delivering some much needed emergency services
vehicles (Police Cars, Ambulance, Fire Engine) and related supplies, to the small town of Ayutla, Jalisco
located in the mountains, about half way between Guadalajara and Puerta Vallarta.
We are teamed with Crime Stoppers of Tacoma/Pierce County in these efforts.
We made our first trip down in Sept. of 2007, with 3 police cars, 1 ambulance and a support van, and it was a
huge success. The Fire engine was delivered in Oct. of 2008 with the assistance of the US Air Force.
We are now planning another trip, which will hopefully include another 6 police cars, 2 ambulances,
a handicap bus, and another fire engine, destined for other towns and villages nearby Ayutla.
In the near future, we hope to be able to expand our efforts into other areas of assistance, such as computer
labs for the schools, and other non-emergency related civic projects.
These are difficult and expensive tasks, but very much needed by these poorer towns in Mexico. If you'd
like to help, please visit the website at: There you can see more details,
 pictures and stories of our trips, and get information on how you can participate or help.
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